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Direct Response marketing is an accountable way to run marketing for a small business, as it is highly focused on return on investment. It is also the only real way for a small business to affordably reach the consciousness of a prospect.

When you turn your ads into direct response ads, they become lead-generating tools rather than just name-recognition tools, and enable you to build a real relationship with your customers.

I will help you to evaluate what a customer is worth to you, decide what you are reasonably willing to invest to acquire one, and then build systems that work within that limit.

Your direct response campaign should be trackable – when someone responds, we will know which ad and which media was responsible for generating that response.

The ads will be measurable. We’ll know which ads are the most effective, and can drop or change ads that are not producing the right return on your investment.

They will be targetable – appealing to prospects within specific verticals, geographic zones or niche markets as defined by your business.

They will demand a response and be designed to capture as much of the respondent’s valuable contact information as possible. We can use this database as a basis for future follow-ups – I will show you how even unconverted leads can eventually become valuable customers.

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